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AromaTouch Technique

During this one hour session you will be nurtured not only by the eight purposefully chosen essential oils, but also with the power of the human touch. In a safe, respectful and calming environment, this technique provides you with a unique and profound whole-body, essential oil experience like no other.

AromaTouch is a clinical approach to applying dōTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils along energy meridians and contact points of the back, neck and feet to help balance the body and create homeostasis.

During the AromaTouch Technique session, the focus is on calming the physical and emotional stressors that allow the body to relax, balance, and heal. But the therapeutic benefits of the session will last far beyond the time of your session. This technique is extremely relaxing, balancing and invigorating. You'll also enjoy the pleasant aromas of these oils for hours afterward.

The techniques used in AromaTouch Technique are designed to holistically address four key areas:

• Stress Management - to balance and calm

• Immune Support - to cleanse and strengthen

• Inflammation & Pain Reduction - to stimulate and soothe

• Homeostasis - to invigorate and center

AromaTouch Technique uses the following doTERRA single and essential oil blends:

Balance (Grounding Blend): Sense of calmness and well-being.

Lavender: Relaxation, calming and soothing.

Melaleuca (also known as Tea Tree Oil): Cleansing & purifying.

On Guard (Protective Blend): Cleansing, purifying and promotes healthy circulation.

AromaTouch (Massage Blend): Calm tension, relaxes muscles, sooths tissues, increases circulation and smooths and tones.

Deep Blue (Soothing Blend): Sooth and relax muscles and ease achy joints. Deep and penetrating effects.

Wild Orange: Energise, revitalize and uplifts body and mind.

Peppermint: Invigorating and energy-promoting.

You will leave this session feeling deeply relaxed, emotionally grounded, and physically renewed.

Aromatouch sessions are currently not available

Contact Paris directly 0403194941 to book your session or email [email protected]

1hr session costs $100.  

You may like to introduce energy healing into your AromaTouch session.

Paris is a certified Reiki & Seichim Master & Teacher. She also is a certified Crystal light healer and Essence of Angels practitioner.

Talk to Paris about incorporating energy healing into your AromaTouch session.

1hr session costs $100

1.5hr session cost $130