The Creative Heart

2020 Awakening Love, Wisdom and Empowerment

Soul Tribe Gathering

2020 Awakening Love, Wisdom and Empowerment workshop

facilitated by Lyn at Greystanes Location

What is ready to awaken within you!!!

2020 is alive with new exciting potentials

As you know, what we focus upon, we become

So, lets focus on that which excites us, that nurtures and awakens your higher potential

We each have a soul potential that yearns to grow and evolve into deeper wisdom and love that will empower and ignite new pathways and opportunities to explore,

The power of a soul group, creates a safe and supported space for us all to grow and express and souls love, healing abilities, truth, intuitive abilities and divine wisdom

Together we shall grow, evolve and ignite more of who we truly are

I would be honored to hold space, over the 9 weeks, to allow spirit to guide us, to live intuitively, to trust and explore as a soul group

Week one, we will clear, balance and align our energies to let go of 2019 and embrace 2020 energy

I ask you to purchase a journal, so you can create your personal book of what lights you up

I will ask you all to supply a topic that your spirit would like you to explore as a group, for example

Angels, masters, colour, consciousness, soul light, what ever comes to your mind, if you feel you would like me to channel a topic for you, I can do that

As a group we all have a greater potential to grow, and explore things that may not be on your radar, but could be a powerful puzzle piece to unlock deeper truth and wisdom that lives within you

2020 is here, its drawing us deeper into our hearts, what is ready to awaken within you!!

i have been guided to run

within this workshop

new ways to transform your inner child

use your own soul energy to heal

Astral projection

Release subconscious cords to the past

overall a 9 week step by step

development circle

We shall start on 6th Feb to 2nd march 10am to 12 noon for 9 weeks cost $360

Morning tea provided.

Please bring a journal, pen, any crystals or cards you may feel guided to assist you

Contact lyn 0403027732 to book your place

When we gather together we all shine a little brighter!

term fee $360