The Creative Heart

Inspired Magic-

workshop series in nature

In my life i have always been enthralled by the idea of magic. Going down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland, drinking tea with the Mad Hatter. Mary Poppins and her bottomless bag and flying umbrella and of course Harry Potter with their potions and spells. These stories filled my childhood. The beauty of the unusual, the out of the ordinary, unknown lands, the mystical and magical, these concepts have always captured my heart and my enthusiasm. In my life now I see this magic everyday within our amazing universe. How amazing our bodies and our minds are, the limitlessness of the stars and the universe. How are lives are so intertwined and the synchronicities I see everyday. The power of community, the commitment of the soul to push us forward, our multi-dimensional selves and the healing power within us all.

Magic can be seen in the simplest and littlest thing. It lives within us everyday.

During this workshop series I will create a space for learning and growth, whilst being lovingly supported by Mother nature. Together we will discuss a spiritual topic of natural and universal wonder, expanding your awareness and consciousness in an unlimited space. Then finish with a guided meditation to integrate and ground the energies.

Allow yourself to view the universe through the innocent and inquiring eyes of a child. See the world you have created around you and within you from a different perspective. Sit in the heightened energy of group consciousness. And allow magic into your life.

Workshop series consists of 4 classes on a Tuesday morning, once a fortnight, during term 4.

Workshop topics include:

- Self healing and empowerment through our chakra system

- Soul nurturing and support through the Angelic realm

- Working multi-dimensionally through the colours of the rainbow

- Connecting to the sub-conscious through the power of sound.

Dates: Tuesday 23rd Oct, 6th Nov, 20th Nov & 4th Dec.

Time: 9.30am till 11.30am

Location: Rouse Hill Regional Park, Worcester St, Rouse Hill. (Alternative location in Rouse Hill will be used in the event of poor weather)

Cost: $35 per class or Pay for all 4 classes upfront for $110 (saving of $30 )

Please bring: A chair, water, paper and pen.

Please contact Paris if you have an questions. 0403 194 941.