The Creative Heart

Meditation\Intuitive Development

with Lyn

Special event

Ground Yourself

1st Sept 10 am to 11.30 in Parra Park

near gate house tea rooms

Connect with Nature




Bring a long a chair, grounding crsytals, blanket, and bear FEET

all welcome to stay for a cuppa afterwards

$30 per person payable on the day1

Lyn xx

7pm to 9pm Wednesday Nights at Baulkham Hills. $20 - STILL ON BREAK FROM MEDITATION AT THIS STAGE

Explore guided meditations

soul awakening, clearing & balancing

oracle card reading

spiritual discussions

crystals, liquid crystals, crystal bowl

to expand your souls awareness of you!!

What Should I Expect?

you will be seated in a comfy chair, crystal bowl sound healing , crystals and oracle cards

What Do I Need to Bring?

Water, comfy clothing and an open mind

How Do I Book In?

Bookings are essential contact Lyn 0403 027 732

If you would like an individual guided meditation session just for you or maybe your own group we can arrange something to suit you.

Please call Paris or Lyn to find out about a class or session that suits you.

I have been attending Lyn's meditation classes on a Weds night for over two years, but consistently for over a year. I make it a priority to attend every week for several reasons. If I've had a stressful day or week then afterwards I find its transformed me into a relaxed and happy person again. There are many benefits to Lyn's classes. During meditation we often journey to foreign lands and other time zones, we go to places where we can create wonderful experiences for ourselves. We often meet other wonderful beings, and always our energy is better after a session. As an added bonus we might read oracle cards for ourselves and others, or practice healing modalities within our group. There are no limits - just wonderful, positive experiences. RW