The Creative Heart

Intuitive Readings

Psychic /Intuitive Reading with Lyn

You have all the answers within, sometimes we feel so emotional attached to a situation, we feel confused and lack direction. During the session we will balance and align your energy , invite your guides, angels and masters to join us to gain deeper understanding and insights to assist you move forward with inner wisdom and confidence.

Ascension Sessions with Lyn

You may receive channelled Messages from the Angels, your Guides or Higher self to assist your ascension. These sessions are guided by spirit, we may step into the past, bring forth a teaching or an activation. It is purely up to spirit and divine timing what you will experience. I have been guided t o offer these sessions now as people are awakening to new levels of self and self development

$100 for 1hr or $130 for 1.5 hrs 

Phone Readings with Lyn

Phone readings are a fantastic option for those that live a distance away, are unable to travel or are time poor.

Still receive the full benefits of an in-person reading, but over the phone.

$60 for half hour $100 for 1hr reading or $130 for a 1.5hr reading.

To book for a phone reading please fill out the form below and to pay please use the Buy Now button below.