The Creative Heart

Living in Alignment-

How to be clear, balanced & aligned.

When your energy is clear, balanced and aligned you are one step closer to living your life as the best version of yourself. You are more clear thinking, positive, motivated, grounded, appreciative, less burdened, lighter, more joyful, happy and healthy.

Energy is affected by your internal thoughts, emotions and actions. Also by our external environment. It is important to maintain and look after your energy as you would your outer appearance and physicality.

During this workshop you will gain an understanding of the principals of energy. How to clear and balance your energy and align to the purest and highest vibration of your own unique self, through a range of techniques. Plus be introduced to some energetic tools that can help you to maintain your energy and your environment.

Are you ready to feel lighter, brighter and joyful?

This workshop can be experienced as a one on one session with Paris, at a time that suits you.

Cost $180 for 2hrs.

Discount applies for groups.