The Creative Heart

You are the Oracle

with Lyn

You are a soul

You are all that is

Intuition is the voice of the soul

Your soul is the truest aspect of you!

An oracle is a person considered to provide wise and insightful counsel

To begin we must remember who we really are!

You are an intuitive being

You are eternal

You are gifted and unique

You are unlimited

You are a co-creator

You are ever evolving love

You are one with the energy of life

How you perceive yourself is who you will become

We will work at a soul level and ease you into your truest self, that has no fear, just love

During our time together I will assist you to

Sit in your soul space

Create a high vibrational space for spirit to flow through you

Let go of barriers and blocks to your gifts

Encourage your divine expression

Expand your energy field and sensitivity

Believe in yourself and gifts when communicating with spirit

Release past life fears

Connect with your cards as sacred energetic tools

energetic support, essences, crystals, liquid crystals

you will also receive notes, exercises, meditations and experiences to deepen your trust and awareness of self

maximum 8 people cost $144 Next class 7th April Sunday

Norwest location time 10am to 4pm

bookings call lyn 0403027732

please bring your cards and lunch

dress comfy, you can bring blanket as temperature shifts occur as we meditate

would you like to experience this workshop one on one 4 hours with lyn cost $333

a beautiful group of soul sisters, who came together to share, grow and shine, thank you ladies